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Video, Virtual Tours & Still Photography
The best way to present real estate is by photography, virtual tours  and, now, true video. Buyers and sellers are used to watching television and viewing photographs, and often the clients’ reactions to images are far more compelling than the written description could ever be. Buying a home is first of all an emotional experience. Therefore, the home must be seen clearly and without distraction. VisualTech Real Estate Photographic & Video Services understands.

VisualTech Real Estate Photographic & Video Services will always strive to provide beautiful, clear photos and video that will tell the story completely and with architectural flair. And when sound is incorporated, it will be clear and complimentary to the visual story.

Be assured we understand that you are the boss and that your requirements and expectations are to be satisfied without question. Our photographic expertise will help you express the uniqueness of each property, and buyers will be enticed to visit.

Whether you need photos for your MLS listings and brochures, Virtual Tours and/or true Video presentations on the web or on CD/DVD, VisualTech is your #1 choice.

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High quality photography is available for your MLS listings, fliers and brochures, and any other print-based marketing needs. 10+ Megapixel images will allow for large sized pictures if you need them.

Virtual Tours are also produced with high photographic quality, and soundtracks can include not only music, but also descriptive narration and even sound effects -- like "river rapids" or "bird songs" if you like. You’ll rarely find this feature elsewhere.

True Video tours are available when nothing but the best will do. Broadcast quality video is provided using digital video cameras with professional quality sound, using industry–standard microphones and audio equipment. Each video is carefully edited to provide a custom tailored, dynamic presentation of your property. Perfect for adding to your MLS listing or for distribution as Video CD brochures.

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Quality Results 
VisualTech Real Estate Photographic & Video Services provides innovative, practical and professional results. We believe our first responsibility is to the clients who use our services.

We provide fast turnaround on your photos, videos and DVDs. We believe this, coupled with the excellent quality we consistently deliver, helps ensure continued client satisfaction.

When you combine these factors, VisualTech Real Estate Photographic & Video Services is here to help assure your success.


Sample Real Estate Video Clip
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High quality video
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