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Legal Video, Video Depositions & Legal Media Services
The best way to present deposition testimony at trial is by video deposition. Jurors and judges are comfortable watching television, prefer to watch television, and often the witness’ reactions to specific questions are far more compelling than the actual answers given. Therefore, the witness must be seen without distraction  and heard clearly and without distortion. VisualTech Legal Video, Video Depositions and Legal Media Services understands, producing excellent, top quality video depositions.

VisualTech Legal Video, Video Depositions and Legal Media Services will always strive to provide simple, clean backgrounds to  prevent visual distraction, and to promote focused attention on the witness. Camera movements will be kept to an absolute minimum and no lighting will be used unless absolutely necessary in order to prevent the witness from becoming distracted by the video deposition process. We will always endeavor to ensure that the very best audio quality is captured throughout the video deposition.

Be assured that VisualTech Legal Video, Video Deopsitions and Legal Media Services understands that the contracting attorney is the boss and that their requirements and expectations for their video deposition are to be satisfied without question. The only time our videographer’s opinion will be expressed is when it is deliberately sought by the client.


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Video Documentaries
Video documents called "Settlement Documentaries," also referred to as "Settlement Brochures" are among the many additional legal media productions provided by VisualTech Legal Media Services. These legal video documentaries are utilized at pre-trial attempts to settle a case out of court, sometimes through arbitration or mediation. This can be a very important part of legal video as the vast majority of all Federal cases do not go to trial. We can also prepare "Day-in-the-Life" videos, also known as "Activities of Daily Living" (ADL) documentaries which may be shown in court if the case actually goes to trial. And, we can also prepare such documentaries as Video Wills, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Insurance Fraud Videos, Pre-Construction documentaries, Product and Manufacturing Process demonstrations, and the legal video list goes on. 


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Focused on Results. . .
                        Not  Excuses
VisualTech Legal Video, Video Depositions and Legal Media Services provides innovative, practical and top-quality legal video service. We are reliable, always on time and believe our first responsibility is to the clients who use our services.
We provide fast turnaround on your DVDs and videotapes. We believe this, coupled with reliability and the excellent, professional quality we consistently deliver, helps ensure continued client satisfaction.
When you combine these two factors, VisualTech Legal Video, Video Depositions and Legal Media Service is here to help assure your success.


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