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Why do I need your Service?



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Be prepared before disaster strikes! A fire or storm can destroy our home or business, not only taking away our valuables, but a lifetime of memories. Thieves can invade our lives when we least expect it. Additional pain and grief starts when we deal with our Insurance Company and they ask for proof of ownership of our valuables. VisualTech Home Inventory Service provides the help you need.



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Insurance companies and adjusters require detailed information on your property to prove ownership and establish its value. Agents and financial advisers strongly recommend thorough documentation of property in order to ensure your family's financial protection in the future.



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Storm Damage


VisualTech Home Inventory Service provides the documentation you will need to help ensure that you will receive the maximum reimbursement for your loss, in the shortest amount of time. Our service delivers a professional, reliable, third-party home and business inventory that is innovative, practical and top-quality.

VisualTech provides professional and confidential home inventory service, backed up with a written guarantee.



The Service



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Complete digital video taping is performed, starting with the outside of your home or business. Inside, every room is videotaped clearly showing all the contents (including the garage, and any storage areas ). A DVD disc or VHS tape is provided.

Digital  photographs to supplement the video are shot. These professional, high quality images record, in greater detail, all your collectables, antiques, jewelry, furs, furniture, cars, boats and other valuables.

Finally, a written record of each item of value includes a description, serial/model numbers, cost and estimated or appraised replacement value.

VisualTech Home Inventory Service will present your completed documentation in an attractive portfolio. Your digital images will be recorded permanently on a CD/DVD as well as being visually displayed. Additionally, we will secure a backup copy of your complete inventory package for you and, at your request, we will submit a copy to your Insurance Company and/or Police Department.




VisualTech Home Inventory Services is here to assure your peace of mind.

To further ensure your protection, we are Licensed and Insured.

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